Manage Dependencies

Dependencies are everywhere and often difficult to handle. Even human relationships ;-)
The advantage of software is that you can use
tools to assist you to manage these dependencies.

Eclipse & OSGi

You are developing new and innovative plug-ins for Eclipse, or build your own product based on Eclipse RCP, or you just use Equinox as your OSGi-Runtime? Then your home is at bundles and plug-ins and you known their dependencies between. These dependencies can quickly take the upper hand and the overview is lost. Then eDependency helps you to gain the control back again.


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With eDependency you can manage plug-in dependencies. This will help you to let your software architecture and design grow controlled.

Softwarearchitecture will challenge you to hold it alive over time. Because software development is gettin
faster - more agile - and increasingly complex. How will the architecture take its place in this world?

Technologies as
OSGi - the component-model defined by the OSGi Alliance - will support you to make your softwarecomponents more well defined. Their dependencies takes a place at that.

Build upon the OSGi component-model is
eDependency. With the assistance of Eclipse and PDE, eDependency creates a graphical representation of your (more or less) complex software-system and its architecture.

Take a look at the
screenshots to know how this will be done.

  • Eclipse 3.5
  • RAM 128MB (for bigger models)